Rentap (right) witnesses Uggah (left) presenting a RTP document to a longhouse chief.

BETONG: Not all village security and development committees (JKKKs) in the state are capable of undertaking the implementation of rural transformation projects (RTP) themselves.

According to Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas, some of the JKKKs would have to rely on contractors.

 “As such, there are still opportunities for F Class contractors.”

He said this at a briefing on RTP implementation for 85 JKKKs for the Betong parliamentary constituency here yesterday.

The contractors had recently aired their concerns that the decision to allow the JKKKs to undertake implementation of RTP would affect them.

Uggah said the new decision was to empower the people.

“We have often heard of grouses and dissatisfactions from them.

“They had complained of not only the completion delays but sub-standard workmanship by some contractors.

“Thus, the state government has given them the options of doing the implementation themselves or engaging contractors of their own choices,” he added.

Uggah said the decision was only for non-technical RTPs costing not more than RM200,000.

“Of course, the government technical agencies will be involved with the work scope, specifications, monitoring and others.

“If this arrangement proves successful and practical, we may raise the ceiling to RM300,000 after consulting the state cabinet,” he said.

Uggah called on the respective JKKKs to choose their contractors carefully if they chose such option.

“Choose those who are familiar with the situations on the ground.

“It is important that they should have good track records as well,”

Meanwhile, Uggah who is Bukit Saban state assemblyman, warned the voters here against efforts by a certain group going around the constituency, spreading lies against him and alleging the lack of development there.

“Please, if you must, go around the constituency in broad daylight so that you can see clearly what we have done.

“Do not go at night as you will not be able to see anything,” he said.

Uggah said for instance, 99 percent of the area had been linked to the state grid while 85 percent are enjoying treated water.

“We are not resting on our laurels or are being complacent.

“We are in the process of doing even more and in particular, in socio- economic development through modern agriculture,” he said.

Earlier on arrival, Uggah, accompanied by Layar assemblyman Gerald Rentap, a political secretary to the Chief Minister Dr Richard Rapu and Betong Resident Friday Belik visited the recently completed RM5 million Betong Jungle Produce Market.

The deputy chief minister spent about 30 minutes talking to the multi-racial hawkers there to check on their satisfaction and expectations over their new trading place.