Stop politicising appointment of community leaders

Ley Kok Lun (left) and Wong Pak Ming.

KUCHING: A community leader, Penghulu Ley Kok Lun, has slammed Democratic Action Party (DAP) Sarikei vice-chairman Wong Pak Ming for using the appointment of ‘Kapitan’ as an excuse to mislead the community.

He explained that Sarikei needed a people’s representative who was born and bred in Sarikei, who understood the people’s hardship and had the potential to develop education and infrastructure in the area.

“The appointed Kapitan checked off the whole list. Why doesn’t Wong understand this despite being given clarification so many times?

“The appointment of ketua masyarakat and ketua kaum (KMKK) including Kapitan is to serve all people regardless of race or boundary.

“The people need action, not mere questions on the Kapitan issue,” Ley said recently.

He also questioned Wong’s credibility on his so called right to supervise the appointment of KMKK.

“I’d like to ask, where does Mr Wong Pak Ming come from? If he isn’t from Sarikei, why does he have the right to supervise this matter?”

On March 5, Wong questioned Ley on the appointment of KMKK who do not hail from the same area, describing it as unfair.

He also emphasised that the opposition party had every right to supervise any process such as the appointment of KMKK.