File Photo: Sudden heavy showers often bring about flash floods in Kuching.

KUCHING: Flash floods are recurring in certain areas in Kuching, with the most recent one at Tabuan Dayak.

The public have been waiting for the issue to be resolved for years. 

Some of the people interviewed by New Sarawak Tribune today suggest an end to the flash floods by better investments in flood preventive measures such as underground tunnels and bigger drains. A warning system was also proposed to better prepare those in low-lying areas.

Khairul Azman Sarif Midan, 22

Khairul Azman Sarif Midan, 22, Sales Advisor

‘The flash floods make it hard for me to commute to work. We should do communal work on blocked drains to stop the flash floods.’ 

Adruce Azman Fahmi, 31

Adruce Azman Fahmi, 31, Executive

‘Flash floods affect our safety because sometimes, there are poisonous insects or snakes in the water. To stop these floods, there should be better investments in flood preventive measures such as underground tunnels.’ 

Muhammad Nur Hakim Salihin, 25

Muhammad Nur Hakim Salihin, 25, Sales Advisor

‘When flash floods happen, the furniture at home could be damaged so you have to buy new ones. There should be a warning system so that the residents in the low-lying areas are alerted and better prepared when the floods happen.’

Tony James, 36

Tony James, 36, Driver

‘People renting rooms on the ground floor are the worst affected. Drains should be bigger to allow the water to flow smoothly. If the drains are small, they cannot cope with the huge amount of rainwater.’

Mohd Shahrol Haqimi Sarbini, 25

Mohd Shahrol Haqimi Sarbini, 25, Entrepreneur

‘The flash floods can make it hard for people to reach their homes. The government or developer must make the drains bigger so that the rainwater can flow smoothly to the rivers.’

Muhammad Luqman Roslan, 28

Muhammad Luqman Roslan, 28, Sales Advisor

‘Flash floods can affect a person’s health because the water is dirty. Temporary shelters should be provided by the government to the flood victims as these floods seem to occur almost every year.’