Stranded varsity students get help

KUCHING: Malaysians are springing into action via social media to raise funds to help students who are stranded in their universities following the Higher Education Ministry (MOHE)’s last minute announcement to postpone physical registration of students.

On Twitter, the social media is filled with the hashtags #SiswaJagaSiswa by netizens offering various assistance including collecting donation, transportation and accommodation.

Twitter user @AzlinNamaku was touched by the gesture of the netizens.

“So touched with Malaysians who are willing to help students who are stranded in university #SiswaJagaSiswa,” the user said.

Twitter user @Kfaizureen said it was heart-warming to see Malaysians working together to provide assistance for stranded students.

“#SiswaJagaSiswa really walk-the-talk. You see how we take care of each other at times like this. Free accommodation, sponsored tickets back home, free food. Malaysians, you guys are truly amazing. Citizens with golden hearts.”

The last-minute announcement by MOHE last Friday (Oct 2) to postpone physical registration of students for the upcoming semester has drew outrage among university students as many of them across the nation are on the way to their campuses when the announcement was being made.

They also lambasted politicians over the spike in daily Covid-19 infection cases in social media following the Sabah state poll last week which later had led to the postponement.

The hashtag #SiswaJagaSiswa initiative came after students expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter, tagging with hashtags #PoliticiansPuncaVirus (politicians cause virus) and #KlusterMenteri (minister cluster).

The hashtags #SiswaJagaSiswa, #PoliticiansPuncaVirus and #KlusterMenteri have been trending on Twitter since last Friday (Oct 2) after ministers and political figures were reported attending public events upon their return from campaigning in Sabah amid the Covid-19 pandemic.