Strong support needed to bring development

Masing (left) when looking at a map of development plans for Bukit Mambong district during the event.

KAPIT: Development plans implemented by the state government require strong support from the people, said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing.

He said this is to ensure that the development plans are implemented smoothly, while attending a leader-with-the people session held at Rumah Gindal, Pulau Sibau, Sungai Mujong here last Saturday.

The Infrastructure and Ports Development Minister also stressed that good development in Bukit Mabong requires orderly planning.

“Therefore, it is important for residents to cooperate, especially on the importance and need to conduct perimeter surveying of NCR (Native Customary Rights) land under Section 6 and then Section 18 of the Sarawak Land Code.

“The construction of several major projects in the Baleh constituency, whether completed, ongoing, or in planning, will definitely have a positive impact on the development for Bukit Mabong,” said the Baleh assemblyman.

He also said that the state government, through the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB), would construct the 77km Ng Mujong / Ng Tiau / Tunoh road at a cost of RM550 million under the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP).

He assured that the road will provide more access to Bandar Baharu Tunoh in addition to the 73km Ng Mujong / Putai Hydroelectric Dam road at a cost of RM1.2 billion to be completed in the near future.

Meanwhile, Masing also approved a Minor Rural Project (MRP) allocation of RM7,500 to the village development and security committee (JKKK) of Rumah Gindal.

Apart from that, he announced the allocation an MRP grant of RM22,000 for JKKK Rumah Bangkong and a Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) allocation of RM200,000; and RM11,000 in MRP grant for JKKK Rumah Dawin as well as RM250,000 in RTP allocation.

Masing also announced a grant of RM10,000 to each school in the area, namely the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) of SK Mujong Tengah, SK Ng Tiau and SK Ng Melinau.