Strong waves damage village mosque

Residents trying to move the items to a safer place.

PUSA: The only house of worship in Kampung Semarang known as Darul Ihsan Mosque was damaged by strong waves at about 4.30pm on Saturday (Nov 14).

In a video clip recorded by a resident there, most of the floor was broken and the carpets were soaked with water.

The residents tried to save all the items inside the mosque through ‘gotong-royong’ (communal works).

The mosque is located right on the seafront which is an estuary of Batang Saribas.

Next to the mosque is the old Muslim cemetery of Kampung Semarang and Spinang.

The damaged Darul Ihsan Mosque due to the strong waves.

There were efforts to build an embankment or erosion barrier system but most could not stand the waves.

Now, Darul Ihsan Mosque can no longer be used.

“This is a big challenge for us,” said village chief Suria Azmie.

She expressed sadness after seeing the poor condition of the mosque.

“The incident happened around 4.30pm and the process of saving whatever we can will be continued,” she said, adding that a report has been made for further action to be taken.

Suria hoped that the construction of the new mosque in Kampung Semarang will be expedited.

Meanwhile, one of the youth from Kampung Semarang, Zik Manterang said that there would be no more mosque for the villagers.

“It is indeed sad to see what had happened. Our mosque is gone,” he said, adding that he hoped responsible parties will come out with a solution soon.

It is believed that in 1973, the mosque was 1km inland, but now due to long term erosion the mosque is getting closer and closer to the sea.

Suria (left) together with the residents moving some of the items inside the mosque.