KUCHING: A proposal to increase the mandatory retirement age to 65 needs to take into account the concerns of youths.

According to Universiti Teknologi Mara final year student Nurul Nabilah Mohamad Shukry, the proposal has its pros and cons.

Nurul Nabilah Mohamad Shukry

The 23-year-old finance student stated, “On a positive note, the seniors can have more time to train and get their younger colleagues ready.

“However, this will also affect the latter in terms of reducing their chances to take over the positions (of seniors) or even any job.”

She reckoned that the move could work out but only if the government consider minimising the number of those who get to extend their retirement.

Meanwhile, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak student Mohd Amirul Rashid Abdullah, 20, thinks the current retirement age is already good enough.

Mohd Amirul Rashid Abdullah

Amirul, who is studying for his degree in art management, said, “If the proposal is implemented, it may lead to an increase in unemployment among fresh graduates.

“Not to mention, we have to consider the health and wellbeing of senior employees.”

Muhammad Irfan Zakaria, 20, believes that job opportunities should be given to youths, especially fresh graduates.

Muhammad Irfan Zakaria

“Looking at the increase of unemployment among fresh graduates, we deserve more opportunities to get experience and knowledge.”

Irfan, who will be studying for his Master in chemical engineering at University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, said senior employees should have more time with their families.

On the other hand, Siti Norsharizah Abdul Rahman, 25, believes that the country has the potential to churn out more jobs as time goes by.

Siti Norsharizah Abdul Rahman

“With the rapid economic development, job opportunities will be plenty. The proposed move to increase the retirement age will not be a problem for younger employees,” she said.

As for the senior employees, she opined that the decision to retire should be up to them as they know best whether they would like to continue working or not.

Siti Norsharizah has just finished her studies in Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from University of Essex, United Kingdom and will be taking Master of Science in Microbiology and Immunology at University of Nottingham.

The four students spoke to New Sarawak Tribune after receiving monetary aid presented to them by Pantai Damai assemblyman Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi here yesterday.

On Sept 1, the Malaysian Trades Union Congress proposed an immediate introduction of a RM500 minimum monthly cost of living allowance for all workers and to increase the mandatory retirement age to 65 in its Budget 2020 proposals.