Students, staff evacuated after chemical leak

THE bottles of chemicals involved in the leak.

MUKAH: Students and staff of SMK Mukah were evacuated to a safer location after a chemical leak in the science laboratory of the school yesterday morning.

Five firemen from the Mukah Division Fire and Rescue Department  led by Officer in charge, Bonny Martin Saging Mato, rushed to the school after receiving a call   at about 9.47am.

Wearing breathing apparatus, the firemen managed to contain the leak which involved six 2.5-litre bottles of chemicals  kept in the laboratory. Four of the bottles contained Hydrochloric Acid while one bottle contained Nitric Acid  and another bottle  Diethyl Ether.

Due to the swift action taken by the authority, no one was injured in the incident, 

The decontamination ended successfully at about 11.19am.

SMK Mukah,  located about two kilometres from the Mukah town centre, is one of the three secondary schools in the District.

THE firemen in the science laboratory.
THE bottles of chemicals involved in the leak.