Secondary student winners of the various categories.

KUCHING: Three videos produced by university students have won the videography outstanding award in the Sarawak Youth Talent 2020 poster and videography competition.

The three winners were Daphne Chong Yan Xin with her video entitled “Sarawak — My Home”, Aizuddin (A Friendly Traveller) and Ulysses Ong Zhen Yu (The Green Cheapstake).

The three winners in the poster category were Irene Phang Feng Ai (Appreciate Our Difference, Appreciate Our Diversity), Jacklyn Ho (The Hidden Gem) and Josette Kho (Discover Our Culture).

Winners for the recommended awards among the college and university students in the poster category were Veronica Lau Han Tze (Hornbill — Bird of Sarawak) and Charmaine Lee Sian Ling (Extinction of Sarawak’s Icon) while two winners for the videography category were Abigail Senia (Responsible Traveller) and Benjamin Hua Zan Rea (Sarawak Pride).

College student winners of the various categories.

Meanwhile, winners of outstanding awards in the videography category among the high school students were Iden Tan Dzi Xian (Rainforest Conservation Is Our Responsibility), Benjamin Ho Chi Enn (Love The River) and Lionel Jerin (Skip A Straw, Save The Planet).

The poster category winners were Chergl Abigail Joe (Appreciate Sarawak, Be A Great Host), Jonathan Liew Yew Xian (Plastic Wonderland) and Emmanuel Shawn Sigan (Prevent Good Wastage).

The winners for the recommended awards in the poster category were Leticia Loo (Sarawak Our Home), Kellie Grace Thian (The Cat City), Eleona Kee Yun En (It’s Just One Plastic Straw).

The top three winners in each category received RM500 cash while RM200 awaited each winner of the recommended awards.

All winners received their awards at the prize giving ceremony held at UCSI Hotel here yesterday.

Secondary student winners of the various categories.