Succulents with crystals, anyone?

Kathy (seated) and her friends holding succulents they have decorated with crystals.

KUCHING: Local succulent seller, Kathy Tagok, 41, believes business owners should be daring enough to try something new. 

She certainly practises what she believes. Now instead of selling plain succulents or cacti, she also adds crystals to them.

“The idea to add crystals to my succulents and cacti came because my friends are into collecting crystal ornaments,” she said. 

The crystals that the 41-year-old seller uses in her decorations include peridot; labradorite; green aventurine; red agate; amethyst; citrine and many more.

“Usually, I will make the crystal decorations after customers have placed orders for them. The prices for the decorations start from RM50, depending on the crystals and succulents they want.   

“As far as I know, I am the first person to add crystals to succulents here. There is an overwhelming response from customers who see the crystal succulents I sell,” said Kathy.

“I also sell succulents without the crystal decorations as well as crystals only.”

Those interested may go to her Instagram or Facebook page ‘Sweetie Succulents’ to order her succulent designs.