Sufficient time to plan for safer election

Robert Ayu

KUCHING: The postponement of the state election will give ample time for the Election Commission (EC) to plan a safer election, said Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) senior youth member Robert Ayu.

“With the delay, the EC will be able to plan or come out with standard operating procedures (SOPs) for safer election even after the herd immunity is achieved.

“I suggest that the EC put up SOPs that suit the locals, such as signages in local languages.

“This is to enable voters to comply with the SOPs easily. On top of that, there must be a comprehensive system for social distancing at all voting centres,” he said.

He further suggested that there should be specific voting times for seniors.

“Along with that, Covid-19 patients should be allowed to vote by mail or in person using special booths.

“Meanwhile, those under quarantine can cast their ballots earlier or after the polls close and if needed, the voting period will be extended to two days to avoid crowded centres,” he added.

Robert mentioned that the state has learned a bitter lesson from the Sabah state election.

“Hence, we must also learn from countries that conducted their election successfully during the pandemic like Singapore, New Zealand and South Korea,” he added.