SUPP Stakan supports gov’t stand on devolution

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KUCHING: The spirit of patriotism and self reflection is growing and the spirit of Sarawak for Sarawakians is remembered once again. We in SUPP Stakan join all SUPP members and Sarawakians to say #IM IN!, said Chairman of SUPP Stakan Branch, Sim Kiang Chiok.

“We are in for a stronger Sarawak. We are in for our government to have facts and evidences to use in the negotiations with Putrajaya for the process of devolution of powers. We are in for autonomy within the framework of MA63. We are in to safeguard the rights that we already have. We are in to safeguard the unity we have in Sarawak.

“We are also in for political autonomy in Sarawak. However, this is not possible until Sarawak only has Sarawakian political parties represented in the DUN,” he added.

The BN government under the leadership of the late Tok Nan said clearly that Sarawak cannot ban West Malaysian based parties from coming in because DAP and PKR have representatives in the DUN.

Sim pointed out that the opposition in DUN Sarawak which is made of DAP Sarawak and PKR Sarawak are but branches of their colossal masters in West Malaysia.

“We can see that they have to obey their masters recently where they tried to ridicule the State Government’s effort to send a fact finding mission to the UK to obtain all possible documents available prelude to the MA63.

“SUPP in contrast sent its own team to UK and provided their findings to Tok Nan. DAP seems hell bent on stopping the mission and we can only deduce that this is under direct instructions from their Malayan bosses. A true Sarawakian would have asked what can we do to help.

“DAP’s move there shows that they have no choice but to oppose the move even if it meant denying Sarawakians the necessary tools for it to have a just and equitable discussion with Putrajaya pertaining to the process of autonomy and devolution of powers.

Saying that DAP’s constitution under objects, item 3 reads, “…to forge a common identity of a united Malaysian Malaysia, Sim added that it is DAP’s purpose to forge a people that are uniform in every way, that means no special rights for anyone.

“PKR on the other hand has already proven that it will not let Sarawakians handle their own business.

This is evident when PKR Malaya installed an interim chairman from Perak to lead PKR Sarawak before Baru Bian was made chairman.

“Today we see DAP Sarawak even accepting their role as puppets when they even endorsed the Pakatan Harapan leadership line up with Tun Mahathir as their new boss.

“Tun is the very man that DAP and PKR have blamed for everything wrong in this country. Now he is their boss. We see in the questionable DAP Central CEC and the new Presidential line up of Pakatan Harapan that the whole East Malaysia is represented by only one person from Sarawak. How does just one person defend the whole of Sarawak? Why is DAP Sarawak stooping so low?

“More and more we see the need for our Sarawakian opposition DUN members to detach themselves from the chaos that is ensuing with the re-emergence of Tun Mahathir. Why not form your own Sarawak based parties? Why not help all Sarawakians and attain true political autonomy,” he added.

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