KUCHING: In his maiden speech in Parliament on Tuesday Bandar Kuching MP Dr. Kevin Yii called on Sarawak MACC to deal with corrupted cases reported.

He said Sarawak Day was just celebrated last Sunday when Sarawak was given self-governance by the colonial British at that time.

“But now, our fight against corruption and an alleged corrupt regime has not ended. As we fight for greater autonomy and even revenues, the fight for a good and clean governance is equally, if not more important so that the people of Sarawak directly benefit from the riches of the land.

“Since Pakatan Harapan took over federal power, we have been overdrive in our efforts to combat and curb corruption including launching an investigation into the 1MDB financial scandal and also the alleged RM 2.6billion into personal account of former Prime Minister Najib.

“I thus urge for all these anti-corruption measures to be extended to the shores of Sarawak and all people who are suspected of being involved in corrupt activities, regardless of position, titles or even wealth will be held responsible and brought to justice,” Yii pointed out.