S’wak Native Court has 11,003 cases up till 30 May 2018

KUCHING:  Sarawak Native Court has a total of 11,003 cases under its jurisdiction as of May 30 this year.

Of that number, a  total of 5,962 cases were yet to be solved.

This was disclosed by  Assistant Minister in the  Chief Minister’s Office (Native Law and Customs) Datuk John Sikie Tayai  in his reply to  Yussibnosh Balo (GPS- Tellian) in the august House yesterday.

He also informed that Sarawak Native  Court  at present  has a total of 19 magistrates  who are appointed fulltime on contract.

The magistrates comprised  one president, Native  Appeal Court;  two magistrates, Native Court Resident;  and 16 magistrates, District Native  Court.

“ The responsibilities of these magistrates are  handling civil cases such as Native customary land disputes and  applications to be recognised as native community.

Besides, he said, Sarawak Native Court  is also handled by 52 ex-officio magistrates that comprised  12 divisional residents and 40 district officers.

While for cases involving breach of customs, the Sarawak Native Court are handled by 2,546 Ketua Kaum, 390 Penghulu and 87 Pemanca/Temenggong.