The 4th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps personnel with the syabu packages.

TEBEDU: A patrol team from the 4th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps discovered a backpack containing five packages of suspected syabu worth RM422,370 while making their rounds on Monday.

According to a spokesperson of the Army’s First Infantry Division, the backpack was discovered when the soldiers were patrolling a ‘rat trail’ near Inland Port Tebedu about 200m from the border at 10am.

“After discovering the backpack, the team, led by commanding officer Lt-Col Shamzaini Misran, proceeded to inspect the contents and found packages wrapped with adhesive tape and plastic.

“The contents inside the packages were small pieces of crystal powder suspected to be syabu.

“Each package weighed 1.1kg and the drugs are worth RM422,370,” the spokesperson said, adding that the seizure was among the highest in terms of value.

The team then handed the backpack to the Serian Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division (NCID) for further action.