Tackle drug-related issues seriously

KUCHING: Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) wants authorities to tackle drug-related issues seriously.

Its women’s wing pointed out that drug abuse among youths is alarming and the authorities needed to take prompt and effective measures to tackle the problem.

PBDSB Puncak Borneo women’s chief Deny Nico Sua said many youths migrating from their longhouses and villages to towns are facing cultural shock and other social challenges.

She cited the recent death of a young Dayak woman purportedly due to an overdose of drugs at an entertainment outlet in Kuching as an example.

“While her parents were expecting her to study hard for a better future, she was apparently involved with drugs,” said Deny.

She added that while today’s youths were trying to accept challenges and exploring new things, some were doing the wrong things by mixing with the wrong group of people and getting involved in unhealthy activities.

Deny said religious institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) should hold more campaigns on anti-drug abuse for youths.

“Every Dayak NGO needs to hold more awareness campaigns to build a more healthy society,” she added.

She also called on enforcement agencies to beef up in combating these social ills.