Monday, July 26, 2021

Borneo Empurau Farm

Borneo Empurau Farm — farming for the future

Despite its name, Borneo Empurau Farm & Resort Sdn Bhd (BEFRSB) is doing much more than just empurau farming. Founded on May 7, 2015 and based in Tarat, Serian at the foothills of Mount Sadong, BEFRSB is sprawled over 60...

Borneo Empurau Farm seeks MyGAP certification

KUCHING: With a strong focus on modern integrated farming, Borneo Empurau Farm & Resort Sdn Bhd (BEFRSB) has taken great strides in establishing and expanding its fertigation and aquaponic systems. BEFRSB assistant farm manager Alethea Jameson Jaya explained that fertigation...
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Nasi Hensem to whet your appetite

KUCHING: Local food seller, Aini Salamiah Osaha believes in being creative when marketing her products. The ‘Nasi Hensem’ seller says...
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