Saturday, June 19, 2021

Charles Brooke

Great Sarawak transformation

Sarawak can be an example for other countries of different races, languages, and religions that in Sarawak the people can live peacefully as in a large family.– Jofri Jaraiee, politician As Sarawak prepares to welcome Malaysia Day, it’s good to...

Rajah Charles Brooke’s secret life revealed

The true story of Rajah Charles Johnson Brooke and his 'Eurasian' son from Malay aristocrat Dayang Mastiah and a jealous step-mother The forgotten son We always think we know everything about Sarawak’s rich Brooke history. In fact whatever knowledge we have provided in the...
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Latest News

5,718 vaccinated at Bekenu PPV

KUCHING: A total of 5,718 individuals have been vaccinated at the Bekenu Community Hall vaccination centre (PPV). Sibuti MP Lukanisman...
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