Taiwan to ease entry ban on foreigners from March 1

TAIPEI: Taiwan’s current ban on entry by foreign nationals without residency will be eased effective March 1, dpa reported the Central Epidemic Control Centre (CECC) saying this on Monday. 

CECC chief and health minister Chen Shih-chung told reporters that border management rules will be returned to the situation before all entry by foreign citizens without residency was banned on January 1st this year, with the exception of diplomatic, certified business purposes and humanitarian reasons.

After March 1, all travellers wishing to enter Taiwan will to apply in advance with evidence of negative PCR tests within three days of departure and advance arrangements for 14 days of quarantine in either single-residency housing or designated epidemic control hotels.

The CECC chief cautioned that travellers, including citizens or residents, could face fines of up to NT$150,000 or $5,365 if they falsify health or test reports, refuse to accept testing for Covid-19 or otherwise obstruct pandemic control measures after arrival.

Chen also said that the CECC expected to be notified this week of the shipment schedule for 200,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine procured through the global vaccine-sharing initiative COVAX, which allocates 1.3 million doses for non-United Nations members like Taiwan.

Chen also announced that Taiwan had no new imported or domestic cases of Covid-19 to report Monday.

Taiwan, an island of 23.6 million people, has reported 942 Covid-19 cases, including 77 locally transmitted ones, with nine virus-related deaths.