Taman Sepakat Jaya will progress further

DR Hazland (left) after handing over the floodlights at the Taman Sepakat Jaya futsal court in Kuching. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: Taman Sepakat Jaya will continue to be developed, says Demak Jaya assemblyman Dr Hazland Abang Hipni.

He added that, through the Safe City Project together with Kuching North City Commission (DBKU), the initiative was necessary due to the increase of the population and social problems, especially among youths in the area.

“This initiative is to address the social problems that occur through the Safe City programme, and today we hand over the floodlights at the Taman Sepakat Jaya futsal court here.”

He was speaking to the press after the ceremony here today.

He revealed that the installation of all 35 floodlights cost RM211,000.

“As elected representatives, we have also implemented many development projects in Demak Laut, among others through the Rural Transformation Programme, including creating covers for all ditches and drains at a cost of RM30,000.

“This includes the project to build a sepak takraw court in the Demak Laut area, which requires RM100,000, and upgrading of the surau, which costs RM50,000.”

This year, there are three projects that are being worked on, including repairs on the Taman Sepakat Jaya hall at a cost of RM200,000, and building a community centre house at a cost of RM100,000 and repairing the futsal court at a cost of RM50,000.

In the meantime, he also supported the government’s efforts in providing computer facilities in the community centre house when it is completed.

It is learnt that Taman Sepakat Jaya is a project under the government through the Ministry of Housing that was completed in 1998.

It has 26 blocks with more than 700 units, currently inhabited by more than 3,000 residents, most of whom work in the Demak Laut industrial area.

Taman Sepakat Jaya is one of the 28 villages in Demak Laut, and the population of Demak Laut is now more than 50,000.