Tapak Megah PGA gets additional equipment for border security

Masing making a point as he refers to a map of the border.

KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri James Jemut Masing recently visited and handed over equipment to the proposed General Operations Force (PGA) forward base commanded by SAC Saini Bongkek at Tapak Megah (TM1) in Bukit Mabong District, 19.5km from the border with Indonesia and 265km from Kapit town.

During the visit, Masing handed over two motorcycles, drones, and all-terrain vehicle to the PGA.

“The Sarawak government is ever wary of the dangers posed by the Covid-19 and the new strain. The Delta variant is reported to be more infectious.

“The frequency of illegal immigrants infiltrating into Sarawak through unguarded entry points like at Tapak Megah and Long Singut requires our government to be more vigilant in guarding these entry points,” he said on Tuesday (July 13).

Masing, who is also in charge of the Sarawak Security Control Committee, stressed on the urgency of establishing border posts along the Malaysia-Indonesia border in Kapit Division in the years to come, especially when the capital of Indonesia moves to Kalimantan.

“There will be no less than three million people as part of administrative required manpower moving to the new capital in six years’ time. The mixing of various ethnic groups in Kalimantan may cause new social problems.

“The Kalimantanese may not mix well with others thus before ethnic problems brew up in Kalimantan, I suggest we get ourselves prepared by establishing as many border posts as possible along our border.”

The Sarawak Infrastructure and Port Development Minister added that assistance of Putrajaya would be needed on this matter.