Jinep on one of his trips to an isolated settlement in his area.

KUCHING: Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Henry Harry Jinep is confident that voters in his constituency will retain the seat for Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) in the coming state election.

He said the people in Tasik Biru and the whole of Bau district had been very supportive and appreciative of what the state government had been doing and planned for the development of the district.

“The people of Bau district understand what is needed for the people there and as such they are supportive of the GPS government’s efforts in developing the area,” said Henry.

“People in Bau don’t think of personal interest. They think of their community,” he added.

Henry said he would continue to work hard and deliver what the rakyat expected from the government.

He said in last four years as assemblyman, he had been working very hard to bring in the basic needs that had not been in place in his constituency.

“We also have plans for future development in Bau, having a long-term plan for Bau and we came up with a blue print development until 2030 to make sure Bau is on par with other districts and in tandem with the state development to make Sarawak a developed state by 2030.

“People have seen tremendous development taking place in Bau within the four-year period and it will continue to be implemented once the movement control order is lifted,” he said.

“I will defend the seat and as a candidate I have only one vote of my own and the rest I leave it to the rakyat but I am confident the voters will not betray what is needed for the kawasan,” he added.

Henry said GPS had proven to be a strong platform to defend the rights of the state and its people, adding that the alliance with Perikatan Nasional had seen the positive side of the political development in the state.

One of them, he said, was Sarawak being given back its right to earn five per cent sales and service tax from its petroleum products.

Apart from that, he said throughout the MCO, the GPS government had proven to be a people-centric government.

“During the MCO, the state government had been providing essential needs like food to the needy and this cannot be denied.

“You can compare with other countries as not every country in this world is doing that,” he said, adding that Sarawakians must thank the state government for that.