Teachers must go extra mile, says Manyin

Education, Science and Technological Research Minister Datuk Amar Michael Manyin Jawong (second left) officiating the 'Kolokium Kepimpinan Pendidikan 2.0' witnessed by State Deputy Education Director Dr. Abang Hut Abang Engkeh (left) and Serian Division Education Officer Chali Ungang@Charlie Ungang (right). Photo: Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: Teachers today have to be innovative to bring out the best in their students.

In stating this, Education, Science and Technological Research Minister Datuk Amar Micheal Manyin said doing things over and over again to expect better results from them was called insanity.

“Because of this, teachers have to brainstorm and do things differently and this is one thing that is important as leaders,” he said.

He was speaking at the three-day Education Leadership Colloquium 2.0 held in Serian today (Nov 23).

Manyin said it was also important for teachers to show exemplary character and sense of integrity.

Such personality traits are important in the teaching profession, he added. 

On being innovative he pointed to street smart students who were more successful in life, for instance in the United States where not much emphasis is placed on academic results.

“People like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are both good examples,” he said.

On teaching standards, Manyin pointed out that Malaysia had made great strides.

“In the 70s, most teachers only had Form 3 or even less qualified and I was disappointed as a headmaster then.

“Today almost 100 percent are university graduates and well qualified.

“Teaching staff quality has improved by leaps and bounds,” he said.

A much higher teaching quality now means better outcomes can also be expected from students, he added.

Manyin (centre) flanked by deputy director of JPNS Planning sector Prof Dr Abang Hut Abang Engkeh (right) and Serian District Education Officer Chali anak Ungang.
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