Tell the truth, SUPP secretary tells Chong

KUCHING: Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Minister Chong Chieng Jen should have the courage to tell the truth about the grass-cutting issue after the truth came out, said Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) secretary Tnay Li Ping.

Tnay in a press statement said, Chong had accused the grass-cutting contractors of overspending the allocated fund for grass cutting along federal roads in Kuching and that the fund had been possibly siphoned.

She added that since the truth had been told and the contractor had come out to clarify the matter, Chong should have the dignity to tell the truth to the people and the Federal Works Minister proved him wrong.

“Instead, he chose to remain silent on the matter which I can say is due to his lack of morale and leadership. He is not capable of being a deputy minister,” she said.

Expressing her dismay that both former Batu Kawah assemblywoman Christina Chiew and Chong had made statements on the overspending of the contractors, Tnay said as both had claimed before to be seekers of justice, they should tell the people the truth or either lodge police reports on the matter to initiate an investigation.

“Instead, they never did so and this showed that both of them were merely talking senselessly and being dramatic playing politics,” she added.

Accusing Chong of playing cheap publicity in his press conference besides self-praising and blowing his own trumpet that he had paid RM200 to hire grass cutting workers to cut the grass, Tnay said Chong should just stick to his ministry work and not act to please his bosses in Malaya.

Asking Chong to investigate his allegation on the sole appointment of DAL HCM and not just shooting from his mouth, he as a deputy minister has the right to even terminate the contract if he deemed it unfair.

“After all, it was not a big deal in the PH government when it comes to compensation. Another one is just another number added to the list of payouts.”

To Tnay, PH has committed a series of political revengeful acts on BN by terminating projects and development plans carried out under the previous government and the coalition also withdrew from development plans which would bring benefits to the people.