Fatimah (seventh left) with the local artisans during her visit to Kampung Tanam.

KUCHING: The Terendak, or known as ‘Tapow’, is a hat made from cane weaving and is tipped to be the next niche product from Dalat, said Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Woman, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah.

The Dalat assemblywoman said the product which was once used by dwellers to shield themselves from the rain and sun has now been transformed into a handicraft product for tourists.

“This is a unique handicraft from the Melanau and it has seen various transformation processes, back then it was used by women as it was very practical to protect them from the sun and rain.

“Now it is being used as a memento and we are proud to share that one order for the Terendak was put in by the Raja Permaisuri Agong herself,” she said when met by reporters during her visit to Kampung Tanam, Dalat on Saturday.

Fatimah said efforts must be done to ensure that the production of Terendak will continue in large amounts and that artisans can keep up with the demands.

“For that we need more artisans. There are currently 14 people. For starters, we can have courses for young people to master the skills and when more people know how to make Terendak.

“We can also market it online,” she said.

Commenting on the setting up of a Bazaarnita building in Dalat, a place where women entrepreneurs can gather, Fatimah said the building will house 32 lots, one of it will be used to sell the Terendak to patrons.

“The Bazaarnita building is a manifestation of the tireless efforts of women to add to their income and ensure food on the table for their families,” she said.

She added, that a total of 183 Terendak will be used to decorate the ceiling of the building as well as setting up a story board to tell the story behind the product and its origins.

“We want to add value to Terendak, and one of the ways is to highlight its significance so that it can be transformed into a commercial product,” she said.