The internet can be both a blessing and a poison. With the rise of the internet, e-commerce platforms that merge with social media to market their products became more creative both in marketing and innovations. And with the ever-increasing competition, there is always a sale almost every month.

A place to buy things you never knew you needed

The fact that most of us becoming internet addicts is undeniable. And that brings minimal to maximum consequences. Some of us rely a hundred percent on the internet in daily lives, and that includes shopping.

With the rise of the internet in recent years, and most exponentially during the global pandemic, e-commerce and online shopping have become the number one trend. What makes users even happier, is the huge sales e-commerce platforms throw on a monthly basis.

Platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Zalora and the likes hold regular promotions that buyers just can’t get enough of. What impacts the tendency to spend even more is the collaboration between the e-commerce websites and their social media counterparts.

Certain e-commerce website like Shopee have partnered social media apps Tik Tok, which feeds viewers with tips and tricks to ease household burdens. While some products can be of convenience, some may appear to be just a marketing hoax. I, for one, admits that I am easily intrigued by the advertised products.

Things the internet made me buy

Soap Dispenser

On the internet, this soap dispenser looks super easy to use and it does appear ‘hygienic’ as the enclosed lid keeps bugs from flying into the soap. Just by giving the top a light push with the sponge, the internet wins once again with this invention.

After purchasing it on Shopee, it does what it was suppose to. It is fun to wash the dishes now as pushing the top is a different method from the conventional way.

However, my only qualm is my paranoia of my sponge being on the top without a cover. The sponge, exposed, is also always dry instead of always wet before.

Standing rice spatula

The conventional rice spatula is always either on the lid of the rice cooker or in a plate placed in front of the rice cooker. The latter takes up space while the former is deemed unhygienic.

Therefore, someone took the initiative to create a ‘standing’ rice spatula for the convenience of many to keep the scoop clean for repeat usage. A plus is that the spatula is cute, with legs to support it standing on top of the rice cooker.

Silicone covers

There is always that trouble after we opened canned food. We usually would need to find another container to store the remaining food.

Meanwhile, to keep watermelon fresh, we should only slice them as we are about to eat, and cover the sliced, exposed part with cling wrap. However, it can be wasteful, and environmentally harmful.

Hence, clever ‘inventions’ such as silicone covers help in protecting these ‘exposed’ food items from degrading. Furthermore, silicone is usually used for airtight covers for containers as they are flexible.

Ice bucket

There is always that hassle when you have to fill a bucket of ice just to chill a bottle of wine or cans of beers inside. But with this convenient ice bucket, I need not do so.

Just fill the sides with water, and freeze it. When the water inside has turned into ice, squeeze the sides to pop the ice directly into the bucket.

This is also another way to avoid water from spilling, which often happens when transferring ice trays into the freezer.