The qwerty factor

Te whetu Orongo

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire.

— Aristotle, Greek philosopher

Programming, conditioning and indoctrination make us who we are to sustain us from womb to tomb through original genetic structure, family, community and ultimately peer pressure. As I see it, human actions are the effect of this and not the cause although the Greek thought otherwise.

The most effective form of conditioning begins at higher education institutions. Here, the mind is “developed” exclusively to prepare you to pass written examinations. Upon graduation you venture into the employment phase for which you are usually ill-prepared and ill-equipped.

Those not scholastically inclined opt for vocational jobs that require skills using hands, and minds to a degree, but at least they were not subjected to a learning institution’s indoctrination and conditioning.

The inevitable conditioning can morph into many phases. “Once we realise that imperfect understanding is the human condition there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes,” opined the financier George Soros accused of manipulating Asian currencies during the 1997 financial crisis.

The biggest wonder is the wanton repetition of the same mistakes over and over again like we know nothing better. Such is the human conditioning as indoctrination is leisurely and lavishly unleashed upon an unsuspecting population by puppeteers.

“Religion, politics, society are exploiting you, and you are being conditioned by them; you are being forced in a particular direction. You are not human beings; you are mere cogs in a machine. You suffer patiently, submitting to the cruelties of environment, when you, individually, have the possibilities of changing them,” warned the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Today, society is ruled by a minority clique supposedly guarded by the quintessential rule of law where equality under law is the conditioning mantra for those willing to believe in themselves as conditioned units relying on illusionary promises and guarantees.

“Suffering does not ennoble. It destroys. To resist destruction, or lifelong helplessness, we have to throw off the conditioning of lying myths and easy moralities to know that we are just human, usually flawed, but extraordinary,” said the author Dorothy Allison.

Some are extraordinary enough to grasp the innards of the world banking system, especially fractional banking, where money, and credit, are quickly and effortlessly created out of thin air — fiat money, as it is called. But, paper money is what we swear by, fight for, sweat for, and even die for to acquire it.

Thanks to the Rothschilds, the founding fathers of finance and banking, we have a super-powerful conditioning mechanism in motion. They control everything — governments too. We agree when in reality we obey as is our wont.

Imagine printing money with no gold, commodity or other asset backing it, except for a promise by the government to honour it, thereafter lending it, charging interest on it, and making out like we have a booming economy come what may.

This caused the financial panics and crashes in the west in 1870, 1929, 1997, and 2008 with the potential and promise of many more.

Malaysian money has the inscription: “Wang ini sah diperlakukan dengan nilai,” meaning, this money is legal tender with (face) value.

Value based on what — your labour, a government approved and endorsed asset like gold, a commodity, a debt, or a government promise and guarantee? Monetary conditioning never fails.

The thrills, benefits and advantages of self-indoctrination begin when you seriously and devotedly study money (aphnology and cambistry). “The study of money is one in which complexity is used to disguise and evade truth, not to reveal it,” cautioned American-Canadian
economist John Kenneth Galbraith.

Become an autodidact to seek the empire of eternal knowledge.

Global political indoctrination manifests as sheer control of choices and preferences. In Malaysia, it is essentially ethnocentric given the attitude, magnitude and latitude of Art. 153 FC. It may get worse before it gets better, but that depends entirely on the power of combatting indoctrination and conditioning.

There is no known freedom from indoctrination or conditioning. The American linguist and activist, Noam Chomsky, warned that the indoctrination is so deep that educated people
believe they are being objective.

Tell them there is an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and they will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they will have to touch it to be sure.

My computer keyboard reminds me of the Qwerty factor everyday without fail!

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