Therapist to share on ‘Speech Delay in Children’

A poster on the Sarawak State Library’s Reading Seeds programme entitled ‘Speech Delay in Children’ featuring speech therapist Siti Sarah Said.

KUCHING: The Sarawak State Library is organising its Reading Seeds programme on the topic entitled ‘Speech Delay in Children’ which will be streamed live online on May 4.

The free programme will be available on the library’s Facebook page, YouTube channel as well as on Zoom application from 10.30am to 11.30am.

This time, the library is inviting speech therapist Siti Sarah Said from S&Z Therapy Centre in Ipoh, Perak to share on the topic concerned.

Parents who want to know more about speech delay in children or worried that their children, especially those who are two to three years old, may have speech delay are encouraged to join the programme.

During the live session, Siti will also share how parents can help their children in their speeches while at home; at the same time, parents can also post questions to Siti on the related topic.

Those interested to join can register can be at

For further inquiries, contact Nurfatini Apandi at 082-442000.