There is devt in Simanggang

Francis in a meeting with representatives from the implementing agencies.

SIMANGGANG: The rapid development in Simanggang contradicts the opposition’s claims that there is no development in the area.

Its assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis said all it does is cause hatred towards the government.

“However, I believe that the people are mature and wise enough to evaluate the government’s ongoing efforts in developing Simanggang,” he said.

Francis, who is also Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister, said this during a meeting with implementing agencies to discuss on the development of projects in the area during his official visit on Friday.

“We took the approach of offering all contracts through quotation for the implementation of the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) project in Simanggang constituency.

“This is because there are methods that allow contracts to be offered through other means, for instance via gotong-royong.

“In that case, the contractors are appointed by the village security and development committee (JKKK),” said Francis.

There were also discussions on staff members’ ability to monitor projects on behalf of the implementing agencies that oversee the project from start to finish.