There’s something for everyone at Kafe RL Metrocity

The variety of mouth-watering dishes served at Kafe RL Metrocity.

KUCHING: Famous for its special ais kacang gula apong, Kafe RL Metrocity also offers a variety of other dishes that is sure to appeal to anyone’s taste.

An employee, Asyraf Aiman Jaya, said that the cafe which is located in Metrocity, Matang is often filled with customers due to its dishes that satisfy customers’ tastes.

“In addition to offering local cuisine, we also serve Western-style dishes such as mutton and chicken.

“Customers can also enjoy snacks such as shrimp fritters and cheesy banana fritters,” he said.

Asyraf stated that Kafe RL is offering various special promotions to customers this Ramadan.

“As usual, we will be operating from 10am to 10pm, every day.

“Apart from serving buffet meal promotions to customers, we also offer a set of mutton and chicken dishes along with iced tea drinks for only RM10.90.

“Our buffet is priced at RM48 for adults and RM28 for children where customers can enjoy a variety of food.

“For the buffet set, we provide eight types of local food consisting four types of rendang, followed by four types of seafood such as bamboo snails (ambal), clams and prawns as well as six types of Western cuisine.

“In order to ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are adhered to, we encourage customers to mark their desired menu on the paper provided to facilitate the process of serving food to them.

“Customers are also encouraged to refill their food if they want to enjoy the same meal,” he added.

Commenting on the limit imposed on the number of customers, Asyraf said Kafe RL limits to 60 to 70 people in a day.

“So far, we have observed that among the favourite dishes here are the Western food set and ais kacang gula apong. Sometimes, customers come just to enjoy the ais kacang in our café.

“We plan to add a variety of other dishes at Kafe RL to the business.

“In line with the encouraging response from customers, we are ready to do our best to achieve our goal,” he said.

He then said that RL Kafe also promotes its business through social media to introduce its dishes to the community.

Kafe RL Metrocity is the second branch unfer RL Cucur Udang Cafe located in Satok.

Customers are welcome to visit the Facebook page ‘Kafe RL Metrocity’ for more information and reservations.