MUKAH: Rural communities want the Sarawak Voice (SV) newspaper to be available in their areas.

According to a villager Tol Awa, when met by reporters recently, the compact and informative news contents in the newspaper had made her continue buying the newspaper.

“I am also interested in the fact that SV provides news written in Malay as well as Iban. I love to read them and will take the newspaper back to the longhouse for family members to read at home.

“Unfortunately, I have not seen SV on sale in Daro or Matu. It would have been nice if this newspaper is available in our areas,” explained Tol who is from Kampung Pasin, Sibu.

Amoi Ajah also loved to read the SV newspaper as it contained lots of interesting news and was available in two languages.

“If this newspaper were in the Daro market, of course we would buy it and use it as a family reading material,” she explained.

Nanga Singet resident Dau Surei said he could only find the SV newspaper in Sibu.

“Sadly, Daro and Matu do not have this newspaper. However, I will still buy it if they are found in any of the stores in these two towns because of the complete news contents,” he added.

Another Nanga Singet resident, Ereeory Elong said he was interested in reading the SV newspaper because it met the needs of the readers.


Keria Rabie from Penasuk, Daro said he would definitely ask his family members to buy the SV newspaper if they visited Sibu.

“I’ve started ‘falling in love’ with SV for the past two months.

“But it’s a bit disappointing because it’s not yet available in the Daro and Matu areas,” he added.