Third dose, booster shot for vulnerable group underway


KUCHING: Third doses and booster shots of Covid-19 vaccines for Sarawakians began on Wednesday (Oct 13).

“However, this does not mean the vaccines that were given previously are not providing the clinical protective effect as desired.

“It (booster and third dose) is an additional protection for the vulnerable group in which they have issues with their immune system and two doses are not enough to give them protection or stimulate the immune system to fight Covid-19 infection,” explained Sarawak Health Department deputy director Dr Rosemawati Ariffin.

“Primary vaccine series is defined as a series of vaccination which have been achieved successfully as an early protective immune response among target population for a specified period of time.

“The most appropriate is measured as seroprotection-vaccine rates with targets exceeding 95 per cent,” she added.

Dr Rosemawati also stated the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine had been approved and used as booster doses as it had a similar function with vaccines that had been given successively at an early stage (homologous vaccination).

“The third dose will be given after 28 days of receiving the second dose and the booster shot will be given after six months of receiving the second dose.

“These shots are given to two vulnerable group – namely, for the third dose, are for those who have weak immunocompromised which is estimated to be 11,900.

“The second group for the booster shots are senior citizens age above 60 (80,300) and frontline medical personnel (30,340).”

These vaccinations are available at selected government health clinics, private hospitals and private clinics.

For those who are eligible, they could contact the clinics in advance to get an appointment and the list of government and private hospitals and clinics would be informed to the public from time to time through the media and social media.

For enquiries on the Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (Booster Dose), members of the public can call the Sarawak Health Department hotline at 082-473276 or 082-473345.

Its operating hours are from 8am to 5pm daily, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.