Three issues need resolving first

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING: There are three fundamental matters that ought to be tackled and handled properly in Malaysia in order to create a more developed, prosperous and united nation, says a political observer.

“The three issues are racial and religious extremism tendencies; politicians controlled by greed and not showing respect for the laws; and the federal government not treating Sarawak and Sabah fairly,” said Datuk Peter Minos.

He said there must not be racial bias in the country, and Malaysia must learn from other nations that are falling due to racial and religious strife.

“Besides that, regrettably and unfortunately, Malaysia has been let down by some past and existing political leaders who got themselves controlled by greed and abusive tendencies.

“They not only bring shame and near ruin to the nation but also set very bad examples. Worse is when they show no remorse and no shame. Malaysia is better without those bad politicians around.”

On the issue of treating Sarawak and Sabah fairly, he said it was good for Malaysia if the federal government start playing fair to the two east Malaysian regions.

“All that is to be done is for the expeditious full restoration and return of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) terms and rights, and also for the federal government, including Petronas, to give more yearly funds for the development of Sarawak and Sabah.

“If this is not done, Sarawak and Sabah will not stop grousing and complaining.”

He mentioned that Sarawak and Sabah had valid reasons to be unhappy because they were far behind in all things compared to Malaya and because the substantial federal government’s revenue originated from the oil and gas found in these states.

“Make no mistake, we all love and honour Malaysia despite everything. If Malaysia, for instance, is invaded, I believe all of us will defend it to the hilt and are even prepared to die for it.”