Three longhouse heads get appointment certificates

Masing (seated fourth left) at a photocall with the newly appointed longhouse heads and other dignitaries.

KUCHING: Three longhouse chiefs in the Baleh constituency received their appointment certificates on Friday.

The items were presented by Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Datuk Dr James Jemut Masing in a short ceremony in Bukit Mabong.

The three newly appointed longhouse heads are Melinggang Pilai of Nanga Semawang, Sungai Majau; Kalat Manjah of Nanga Sepako, also in Sungai Majau and Jacky Ijah of Sungai Gaat, Baleh.

During the symbolic presentation of the documents to the three longhouse chiefs or tuai rumah was done in strict adherence to the standard operating procedure (SOP) of the movement control order (MCO).

For appointment certificates to community leaders whose terms have expired, it will be managed by the Bukit Mabong district office after a meeting on the appointment of community leaders in the Kapit Division chaired by the Kapit Resident.

At the same time, Masing thanked the Kapit Resident’s office and Bukit Mabong district office for managing the vaccination process in the Baleh constituency and the Kapit division as a whole.

In addition, he urged the community leaders present to play their role to ensure smooth implementation of the vaccine rollout to the rural dwellers.

Also present were Kapit Resident Nyurak Keti, Deputy Resident Galong Luang, Bukit Mabong district officer Douglas Pungga and Bukit Mabong Iban community leader Pemanca Steward Sawing.