Thumbs up for action against anti-vaxxers

Anti-vaxxers. Photo: The Atlantic
By Nurin Yusrina

KUCHING: Anti-vaxxers are being watched by the government for their anti-vaccine propaganda.

Members of the public welcome a suggestion by the federal government to take action against anti-vaxxers.

They said anti-vaxxers endangered the safety and health of the people by influencing them to refuse the Covid-19 vaccines.

They agreed that it was crucial for everyone eligible to take part in the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP) in order to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Faradeanna Nawawi
FARADEANNA NAWAWI (marketing executive)

Legal action should be taken against the anti-vaxxers for discouraging others from getting vaccinated. Those who do not turn up for their vaccination appointments should also be fined. These selfish and irresponsible individuals are depriving others of the vaccination.

Harith Zackree Hasnoal

Legal action? I support it. The only reason the government is encouraging everyone to take the vaccine is for a better and safer Malaysia. I advise the anti-vaxxers to do their research and understand the purpose of the vaccination. Maybe that will change their minds.

Mohamad Faezza

I think that it is time to put a stop to the anti-vaccine movements. Herd immunity is our main goal so I encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to go for the immunisation programme and banish Covid-19 once and for all.

Nur Azzrien Fazila
NUR AZZRIEN FAZILA (contact centre personnel)

I agree that action should be taken against the anti-vaxxers. These people are irresponsible. It is our responsibility as Malaysians to get vaccinated. We need to stop the pandemic.

Adderie Sulaili

I personally believe that the government should take action against the anti-vaxxers. Those who are not vaccinated will only make things worse and cause more harm to the public as well as themselves in future.