Thumbs-up from Asajaya folk

Asajaya Administrative District

KUCHING: Residents of Asajaya are pleased with the development in the area brought in by the state government.

New Sarawak Tribune went on the ground and discovered that the local community were over the moon with the comprehensive range of infrastructural development implemented over the past few years.

Residents were also excited about the upcoming projects to be implemented here which they deemed to be beneficial in improving their socio-economic development as well as easing their commute to and from the city.

Bodiah Piee

Bodiah Piee, 62

“The state government has been able to meet the demands of the people of Asajaya for a long time. This can be seen through the infrastructural development implemented, mainly focused on providing connectivity to the people. I am very optimistic that a bright future awaits us under the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government.”

Noriah Yusup

Noriah Yusup, 56

“We have been able to live comfortably in Asajaya thanks to the various development implemented by the state government. Common issues that were present in Asajaya are also a thing of the past as we are well taken care of by our leaders. From what was seen, I am sure that there are more developments coming to further improve our quality of living.”

Angela Posin

Angela Posin, 39

“The state government has been able to improve our standard of living through its comprehensive range of developments. Commutes are also much easier now compared to before. With this, I hope that the state government under GPS continues to provide for us in Asajaya in the coming years.”

Zubaidah Mat

Zubaidah Mat, 63

“As a constituent of Asajaya, I am proud to be able to enjoy all these facilities and infrastructures provided by our state government and I am sure that this is not the end of it. There’s more to come and we look forward to benefit from all these planned developments.”