Thumbs up to Agrobank mobile banking services

Tom Kundung Ranjoi (right) is delighted to use the Agrobank Mobile Banking Services. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

KUCHING: The collaboration between the Sarawak government and Agrobank to provide banking ease to rural residents has been lauded.

Pemanca Raymond Jihap

“With the Agrobank mobile banking services, residents here need not have to travel far to urban areas. Transportation cost is cut down,” said Kuching Division Bidayuh Pemanca Raymond Jihap during the first day of the mobile services at the Padawan Sub-District Office compound, Jalan Puncak Borneo near here on Monday (July 12).

He suggested that this service be continued, saying: “It has greatly helped locals here, especially those who do not have their own transportation.”

“In addition, mobile services such as this offer a low fee to open bank accounts, as low as RM50 instead of the usual RM200 or so. The rate offered by Agrobank is reasonable for locals here,” he added.

Tom Kundung Ranjoi

Meanwhile, Tom Kundung Ranjoi, who is the first person to use the mobile banking services, expressed his joy.

“This mobile team has saved me a lot of time — from going to the banks in urban areas (7th Mile and 10th Mile) as these areas are constantly crowded.

“I would like to thank the Sarawak government and the participating bank for this initiative,” the 71-year-old from Kampung Abang said.