Thumbs-up to state government

Fatimah (center) with Rashidah (on Fatimah's right) and others at the press conference at Pustaka.


MIRI: The public here applaud the announcement by the Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development (KWKPK) to distribute reading kits to pregnant mothers in Sarawak.

The reading kits will be distributed under the Reading Seeds Programme to the mothers when they register for the Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS).

The programme is a collaboration between Sarawak State Library (Pustaka Sarawak) and KWKPK.

Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah, minister in charge of the ministry, disclosed this during a press conference in Kuching last Tuesday.

She explained the aim of the programme was to create a reading culture in order to produce quality and knowledgeable human capital as Sarawak progresses.

Under this programme, the ministry and Pustaka Sarawak is targeting to distribute 8,000 reading kits to pregnant mothers for their newborn babies this year.

This Sunday, the reading kits will be distributed in Tatau, Bintulu.

The ‘Reading Seeds’ is a continuation of the ‘Born to Read’ programme carried out by Pustaka Sarawak in 2003.


Datuk Rosey Yunus


(Assistant Minister for Women, Family and Childhood Development)

“The programme is part of the Sarawak government’s effort to help the community, especially mothers. When they register for the EFS, they will automatically be entitled to the reading kits which are worth RM200 each.”

Siti Nurhaiza


“The books have manual instructions on taking care of newborn babies for young mothers. They aim to foster literacy — reading and writing among parents and baby from the womb until three years old. I believe kids who are read to during their early years will learn to read at the right time.”

Misiah Taib


“It’s the way to improve our children’s reading skills. Thumbs-up to the state government for such a good initiative. The programme will benefit the people, especially those living rural areas.”

Norliza Bujang


“I laud the effort because not every parent or mother can afford to buy the reading kits. Giving the books to mothers who register with the EFS will help ease their burden.”

Azlin Ramli


“Thank you to the state government for the reading kits. These books are essential for the people, especially those from the lower income group. Sometimes, parents or new mothers have no idea what kind of books they should buy for their babies. I believe this initiative will help them a lot.”

Wiyvy Kartyna Ibrahim


“It will be hassle-free for mothers as they only have to register once. They are entitled automatically to the reading kits when they register for the EFS. I am a mother myself and I welcome the government’s initiative.”