‘Tidak apa’ attitude must end, be vigilant

Dennis (left) advising his constituents at Apau Nyaring to be alert and protect themselves at all times.

TELANG USAN: Folk in Baram have been urged to be vigilant and step-up measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 within the community.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said this was due to the recent outbreak in rural areas of late, with more districts in Sarawak being affected by the latest Covid-19 wave.

“We must keep our guard up at all times, wherever we are. We should stop the ‘tidak apa’ attitude. Our worst fear came true when an outbreak occurred at the longhouses in Sibu.

“My worry is that there might be those who were infected recently that came from Baram. The tight-knit community life in longhouses where its dwellers are like extended families meant that danger is at every corner,” he said on Tuesday (Jan 12).

Dennis urged them to avoid any social activities that would enable exposure to Covid-19 infections and restrict entry to their longhouses.

“I ask the dwellers to use whatever means to communicate to our relatives so that they can be on alert and adhere to the advice of the authorities.

“While we pray that the virus will not infect any from our local community, we must also take steps to protect ourselves from it.”

Dennis also called on Rela and villagers to help one another in safeguarding their longhouses.

“We hope that those who are better off can help through donation of cash or food items to enable the village to provide food and drinks to our volunteers who are tasked to protect our longhouses.

“Do not be panic as the authorities are still monitoring the situation and taking appropriate action. On our side, what we can do is adhere to the directives given from time to time.”