Time for anti-hopping law!!

Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew

KUCHING: Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew is firmly against political ‘frogs’, having signed the online petition ‘Amend Malaysia’s Constitution to have Anti-Hopping Law before GE15’ started by KF Ng on www.change.org.

“The whole nation is sick of political frogging. And if the whole nation is sick of it, why shouldn’t we put an end to it?” he said in a statement today (Aug 17).

Conceding that it was the right of anyone to associate with whomever or whichever party they desired, Lau said the point in having an anti-hopping law was not about denying anyone of their rights.

“In fact, it would be silly for anyone to argue that an anti-hopping law is for that effect and purpose,” he said.

He explained that there was only one reason for such a law to be introduced — to uproot and kill off the undesirable political culture of frogging from taking deep roots in Malaysia.

“As I have mentioned earlier this week, politicians can switch support but they must be willing to be tested when they do so. Resign from the seat and seek re-election,” he said.

Lau said that if the politician could win the seat again, then it could be due to the fact that the politician’s actions were able to withstand public scrutiny and the constituents in the area supported such actions.

“I have very clearly stated that an anti-hopping law will be an improvement to our current political landscape and a deterrent to the publicly despised culture of ‘frogging’ for personal gain,”  he said.

Calling on those from both sides of the political divide to put selfish reasons aside, he hoped everyone would move courageously forward in enacting such a law for the good of the nation.

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