Tiong calls for technically sound telco services


KUCHING: It is one thing to set up telecommunication facilities and quite another to ensure people get to optimally enjoy these services.

Dudong assemblyman Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing who discovered such discrepancies wants Telekom Malaysia (TM) to reconcile telecommunication service and network speed with demand on the ground.

He shared that he had recently discussed the issue of unsatisfactory internet network in Sarawak, especially in longhouse areas in the interior, with TM to ensure the best telecommunication service is provided to the people.

“I hope that the relevant departments can establish good relations with local leaders to understand how to provide a smooth telecommunication network to the rural population technically and effectively,” he said.

Tiong, who is Bintulu MP, felt TM could, for instance, upgrade the existing services in an effort to provide the best service to the people.

Illustrating, he said citizens needed to know which party or unit they could refer to if they encountered a problem and to provide feedback.

“At the same time, there needs to be a communication platform with the public in order to provide exposure to them regarding the services provided, such as the difference between fibre optic network (Unifi) and broadband services,” he said.

He said during his visit to Dudong longhouses, many residents had expressed their frustration that despite being close to telecommunication towers, they were unable to enjoy internet services.

“This is very strange. Therefore, I suggest that TM come forward to provide an explanation on the unsatisfactory network problem in Sarawak,” he said.

He said in the meeting, he had also spoken about Bintulu and Sibu being among the locations facing internet network problems.

“A number of residential areas in the city are unable to use the service, thus impacting people’s lives.

“Some of them went to TM branches to seek clarification on the issue, but they did not know who to refer to and they could only make a complaint at the TM counter, and we ourselves are unsure whether the staff members understood the real problem faced by the residents. When will follow-up action be taken?” he asked.

Tiong noted that TM had been offering Unifi services in Sarawak since 2015.

He said to date, over 14,500 Unifi units had been installed in Dudong area, benefitting about 7,250 users including those in the areas of Lanang, Upper Lanang, and Salim, as well as being expanded to Sibu Jaya and Durin last year.

He said this year, TM had plans to add Unifi services at various locations in Dudong, Jepak, Sebauh, and Samalaju.

“For Dudong, it includes HDC Garden Sibu Jaya, Persiaran Sibu Jaya, Jalan Sibu Jaya Selatan, Jalan Alan, Jalan Aman, SJK Hing Ung Julau, Rumah Anggup and TR Maxwell.

“For Jepak, it includes Kampung Jelutong, Kampung Jepak, Kampung Jepak Permai, Jepak Customs Flat, Kampung Kemunting, Kediaman Tiara Seni, Taman Putra Fasa 2, and SMK Kemena Staff Flat,” he said.

He added that the locations in Sebauh were Kampung Hilir Sebauh, DD Palm Oil Sebauh, Jalan Pandan Sebauh, Rumah PJG Sumpit, Rumah Tanggal Mandar, Rumah Ulat Danbi, and SK Sebauh, whereas the locations in Samalaju were Integrated Energy Hub, SK Tanjung Batu Quarters, 7th Mile SK Tisang, Kampung Penan Muslim, Bintulu Prison (Rafflesia/Bunga Raya Block), Makpo Bricks & Jin San Transport, Kemena Industrial Estate, and SK Kem Batu 18.

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