LANGKAWI: Imagine your vacation made easier using state-of-the-art technological applications.

This is what the My Smart City smart application developed Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) does, in which all you need to know about Langkawi can be found at your fingertips.

Upon arrival at Langkawi International Airport (LIA), you have the opportunity to try out the Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark 8K Virtual Reality (VR) facility provided by TM to give you an early glimpse of the fascinating locations that you can visit while on this legendary island.

The My Smart City and Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark 8K VR, in addition to the Smart Retail Analytics are also three cases of the use of the 5G Demonstration Project (5GDP) that TM has been implementing at LIA since last October.

TM Manager (Branding and A&P) Raja Nurwahida Adleen Raja Munir Shah said the three use cases of the 5GDP were aimed at promoting smart tourism through the telco giant’s cooperation with the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) and Tourism Malaysia Langkawi.

“The My Smart City consists of several features and services such as trip planner, parking, qiblat finder, city services and alert button that allow tourist to plan their trip and explore places of interest as well as find out what is happening in Langkawi.

“The Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark 8K VR highlights the geopark and this island in 8K video quality, it’s like they are there physically experiencing the uniqueness of these locations. It is the first Unesco Global Geopark content being made into 8K virtual reality content,” she told Bernama.

Raja Nurwahida said TM is propelling tourism in Langkawi by creating the ultimate smart tourism experience by using 5G.

“For example, for the Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark 8K VR, as soon as tourists land in LIA they can head straight to the TM booth and use the VR facilities to experience visuals of the Geopark location. Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark 8K VR offers an immersive experience for tourists before they even get there.

“Once they have used the Langkawi Unesco Global Geopark 8K VR, they will be intrigued to visit, and they can also obtain further information from the Tourism Malaysia Langkawi’s information centre here at the airport.

As for the Smart Retail Analytics, Raja Nurwahida said the application was important as it provides Lada with data on tourists’ Langkawi experience.

“It is featured at the TM booth in the airport and will capture information for data such as emotions, gender, and even the frequency of visitors passing by the booth.

TM has already embarked on a total of 11 use cases in Langkawi and has deployed the operations of an Integrated Operations Command Centre, also known as 5G Command Centre (5GCC).

For 5GDP in Langkawi, TM has deployed the highest number of 5G use cases among the participating telecommunication companies (telco), and all the 5G network and use cases sites can be monitored via the dashboard at the 5GCC 24/7 by TM’s expert and qualified technical team.

TM said there were tremendous other benefits of 5G based on the 11 5G use cases, such as reduced latency; real time data and application; public safety and security; smarter and more efficient traffic, parking, vehicles, water monitoring and management systems; enhanced service quality and enhanced retail and hospitality experience. – Bernama