Today’s youth prefer to marry late

A couple getting married in Callenberg, Germany. Photo: dpa

KUCHING: Lack of financial stability and commitment are among the factors that prevent today’s youth from tying the knot early.

In this era, there is an increasing trend in today’s youth to get married in their late 30s for both men and women. Most of the reasoning is due to financial stability and the question of commitment.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, youth face more financial stress such as being laid off from work or being paid less than before.

New Sarawak Tribune met with the public to give their thoughts on this matter.


Sasha Tsau

SASHA TSAU, 27 (Business development director)

For me, people getting married late nowadays are mostly due to financial problems. The rising cost of living in our country paired with our minimum wage is just ridiculous. Some youth feel stressed over these matters easily, especially if they have student loans and other responsibilities to take care of.


Erwina Ruddy

ERWINA RUDDY, 34 (Human resource executive)

The fact that some women are putting marriage off can be seen as a sign of how much better things are for women now. This delay can also reflect a more difficult part of today’s society such as the rising cost of living, student loan debts, and a lack of job security. Marriage is not something that I will want to enter into without a lot of forethought.


Praba Ramanayadu


There is no ‘best age’ to get married but couples prefer getting married in their late 30s as they will be financially stable and more mature. Personally, I would prefer getting married late too, as my partner and I will both be able to handle marital duties responsibly and maturely. Hence, late marriage is the way to go.


Shazreen Ali

SHAZREEN ALI, 33 (Reporter)

The main reason why most people marry late is because of their financial standings and sense of security in the relationship. Of course money cannot buy love but in my opinion, it can enhance love and in a way, prevents it from fading. Marriage is not only about love but it also needs commitment, compromising, and how we can complement our partner.


Mazuki Salleh

MAZUKI SALLEH, 38 (Management officer)

In my opinion, the reason most people marry late is due to financial reasons and not being able to fully commit to married life. Once you marry someone, you are committed to them for the rest of your life. For me, the challenges that I see from most married people usually involve financial problems and misunderstandings. Thus, people tend to marry late to get ready to face these kinds of things.