Toilet’s wall fan needs urgent cleaning

A dirty wall fan inside a male toilet which needs urgent cleaning.

MUKAH: A functioning wall fan inside a male public toilet here needs cleaning badly and urgently too.

New Sarawak Tribune on Friday (July 3) discovered that it was covered by thick and sticky dust, despite still functioning.

Looking at the nature of the dirt, the last time the fan was cleaned could be many months ago.

“It is so dirty now and it would not generate as much air movement as it used to be,” said a middle-aged man as he left the toilet.

It is learned that the local authority-owned public toilet was maintained by a local contractor.

It seems that the contractor obviously has regularly maintained the cleanliness of the toilet, but not the wall fan.

Public members using the toilet hope that the local authority call on the contractor to maintain the cleanliness of the fan too, from time to time.


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