Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador


KUALA LUMPUR: Stepping into the 63 years of independence, Malaysians must continue to practise tolerance because it is the key to safeguard the peace and sovereignty of the country.

In fact, the emergency and communist threat should serve as a lesson for everyone, especially policemen because it was a clear evidence that the current peace of the country was not easily obtained.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said in an effort to save the country from threats, especially communist terrorists, many policemen were killed and sustained permanent disability.

“After the emergency (1948-1960), every year the police continued to empower themselves to face the communist uprising without the help of foreign powers until the final victory was achieved in 1989.

“Now, after we have managed to get through all that, people seem neglectful and forgetting the past. Disputes among each other over petty issues will only raise doubts about the country’s ability to move forward,” he told Bernama in conjunction with the National Day 2020 celebration. 

Meanwhile, Abdul Hamid, who started leading the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) on May 4, 2019, also expressed his displeasure over the involvement of policemen in corruption, abuse of power and drugs, which increasingly being reported.

“Complaints from the public on this issue cannot be denied. Some of the PDRM staff are increasingly forgetting about the sacrifices and struggles of the freedom fighters,” he said.

Abdul Hamid, however, remains optimistic because 80 per cent of the personnel are still highly motivated to carry out their responsibilities with full trust.

He said the new work culture has been implemented such as no more luxury and leisure events and activities.

Now, the personnel are empowering policies, actions and instructions that clearly emphasise noble values. 

Abdul Hamid added that the “internal cleaning” carried out by the Department of Integrity and Standard Compliance (JIPS) has been successful and some personnel involved in crime were arrested, charged and taken disciplinary action.

“At the same time, more and more cases of attempted bribery by drug, gambling, vice and smuggling syndicates have been successfully defeated by members with high integrity.

“I feel very grateful and proud of these officers and of course they are rewarded accordingly. I will continue to strive to improve the good image of the team.

“As the main law enforcement agency in the country, PDRM must strive to gain the respect of the people who need to be protected,” he said. – Bernama