Top cop acknowledges hardship of rural duties

SAC Mat Zani @ Mohd Salahuddin Che Ali

KUCHING: Despite his short term as the Sarawak CID chief, SAC Mat Zani @ Mohd Salahuddin Che Ali have set out his goal to eradicate gambling activities in the state aggressively.

Last week, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) issued a list of exchange transfers for five senior PDRM officers which will be effective on Mar 8.

Salahuddin is among five of them and he will be swapping positions with SAC Lukas Aket, who holds the post as the Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department (Intelligence/International Relations) principal assistant director.

The latter who hails from Kelantan, assumed the post as the 27th CID chief in Sarawak on Nov 27 last year.

He took over from SAC Denis Leong Soon Kuai, who was appointed as the Bukit Aman NCID Narcotic Deputy Director (Enforcement/General Policing).

When contacted recently, Salahuddin expressed that he was happy with the transfer despite being here (in Sarawak) for two months and 14 days only.

“However, in this short period of time, I have been working hard to eradicate gambling activities aggressively and charging offenders under the Common Gaming House Act because gambling is the mother of all crimes.

“I also apply two main focuses in my work, namely quality investigation and aggressive investigation.

“This is to ensure that every case reported is investigated transparently and can be prosecuted in court,” he said.

Speaking on his memories in the state, Salahuddin pointed out that it was during his road trip to Belaga where he was able to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna, including a memorable visit to the Bakun Dam.

At the same, he felt and acknowledged the hardship by Belaga district police officers and members, who have to go through hilly and gravel roads while heading to the crime scenes.