Total of 61 families receive food aid

Datuk Francis (centre) presents the food aid to residents of Rh Lang, Sungai Putong, Undop, Sri Aman contributed by SUPP Simanggang Branch.

SIMANGGANG: Simanggang assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis presented food aid to 49 families at Rh Ayai in Kpg Putat here last Saturday (Jan 30).

The food aid in the form of fresh meat and dry food donated by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Lingga Branch was presented by Francis to Tr Ayai Jabu in a simple ceremony. Also present was SUPP Lingga chairman Cr Waterkiller James Junit.

On the same day, Simanggang Constituency Service Centre also presented contribution to 12 families at Rh Lang, Sungai Putong, Ulu Paku, Undop Sri Aman.

Francis expressed his sense of responsibility and sympathise with the residents in the longhouses who were affected by the enforcement of lockdown after report of Covid-19 positive cases.

“The residents were not allowed to enter or exit the longhouses in the span of two weeks and this situation complicates the movement of the residents to earn a living.

“Hence, the government has provided food aid to ease their burden during this unprecedented period,” Francis said.

He also advised the residents to take advantage of the lockdown period as an opportunity to foster ties among family members.