The proposed project locality and site.

MUKAH: The proposed redevelopment of town and village project within the old town area here has been included under the 12th Malaysia (RMK -12) Plan.

Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo said the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) project estimated at RM60 million, was also listed as priority under the federal RMK-12 Plan.

He added a lot of lands with titles were affected by the project.

“The Land and Survey Department needs to survey the land in the area because there are land plots which still have grants but are already occupied by the river (Batang Mukah),” he told New Sarawak Tribune on Monday (July 27).

He was asked on the update of the proposed project. The people here have been waiting for it to be implemented in the last few years.

According to the former Balingian assemblyman, a number of residents in the area need to be moved out too, because they are staying so close to the river bank.

“It is not easy, but God willing, it is possible and can be done,” he added.

It is learned that, among the justifications for the proposed project was the threat of river bank erosion which had toppled a few houses, and also had submerged a road leading to the old town.

Another reason was to develop the old town by constructing a riverfront in adding beauty and attraction to Mukah, just like in other districts Sarawak.