The toy pistol found near the injured rider.

MIRI: A pistol caused quite a stir early Thursday (Aug 13) after it was discovered at the scene of a collision between a motorcycle and a car near the Jalan Bintang traffic light intersection.

The pistol was later found to be a toy. Miri police chief ACP Lim Meng Seah said members of the public called the police, informing them of what looked like a pistol next to the motorcyclist, who was injured in the 10am crash.

The rider, a man in his 20s, sustained injuries on his leg, while the car driver was unharmed.

“We will investigate further what the motorcyclist’s motive is by having a gun in the first place,” said ACP Lim when contacted.

He added that the toy pistol had flown out of the motorcycle’s front basket during the collision.

The rider was rushed to Miri Hospital for treatment.