Traffic light for safety of students, teachers

Lee (right) presenting a certificate of completion for the project to Law.

MIRI: Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin has proposed that a pedestrian traffic light be installed in front of Riam Road Secondary School (RRSS).

“I’ve suggested to the Public Works Department (JKR) Miri to install a pedestrian traffic light for the safety of students, teachers, parents, and road users,” he said when met on Monday (Feb 8).

Earlier on, Lee inspected the completed construction works at the school involving a car park and the widening and extension of the road which cost RM500,000 and were completed two weeks ago.

Prior to that, there were parking problems at the school as it is situated nearby a narrow road in a residential area.

“I’ve visited the school last year; it was congested with cars were being parked at both sides of the road which pose a great danger to the school’s students, teachers, and their parents. It was a very busy road,” he said.

During Lee’s visit, he was accompanied by the school board’s chairman, Datuk Seri Law Kiu Kiong, and JKR Miri Divisional engineer Chong Chi Fam.